Here are some common questions we'd like to answer.

How is the LegalBoard different than a normal keyboard?

With the press of a single key, you can instantly switch into legal mode, with keys that allow you to:

  • Add a §, ¶, or © symbol
  • Turn underline, italics, or bold functions on and off
  • Turn track changes on and off
  • Start a bullet list
  • Add a footnote or comment, then jump back to the main text
  • Find a term in your document, then jump back to the main text
  • Change line spacing
  • Turn small caps on and off
  • Insert common citations and legal words like “court”, “plaintiff”, and “id.”
  • And much more!

Designed to work with Microsoft Word on Windows XP/7/8/10, but many functions also work in Microsoft Outlook. Not compatible with OSX.

Does The LegalBoard work with Apple computers?

Unfortunately the LegalBoard is designed only to work with Windows-compatible computers at this time.

I'm in Legal Mode and the function keys (F1 – F12) and italics/underline/bold work OK, but the Num Pad shortcuts aren't working. What's going on?

Please verify that the Num Lock LED is turned on.  If it’s not hold down SHIFT and press the Legal Mode key.  If the Num Pad shortcuts are still not working try unplugging the LegalBoard from the PC, waiting 5 seconds, then plugging it back in.

Each time I power on my computer the Num Lock functionality is disabled. How can I make my PC enable Num Lock by default?

Modifying the default state of the Num Lock can be difficult.  It is recommended to contact an IT staff member if the user is not comfortable with the instructions found at

Does LegalBoard work with other applications?

LegalBoard is designed to work with standard Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office shortcuts.  Many of these shortcuts are common among non-Microsoft applications, so may work on a limited basis.

When I hit the bullet key, it changes the font. Is there a way to have the bullet key not change the font when a bullet is added?

You may need to change your default settings in Microsoft Word.  You can try steps 1-10 listed here to do so, which may resolve the issue: