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NEW LegalBoard Wireless . . .

You asked. We listened. Introducing LegalBoard Wireless. All the benefits of the original LegalBoard + a soft-touch, low-profile design and new and improved legal key§.

LegalBoard Wireless $95


Legal Keyboards

"Never in my 14 years of blogging and more than two decades of covering legal technology have I seen the legal world react to a new product as it did this week to the LegalBoard, a keyboard designed for lawyers." 

Robert Ambrogi, Above The Law



Switch into legal mode with a single keystroke to access over 35 functions that legal professionals use every day. Switch back to use LegalBoard as a standard keyboard.


Insert a § or ¶ symbol in Word or email with a single key. Add a comment or a footnote, and toggle back to the text. Insert common terms like “id.” Turn track changes on/off, and much more.


Touch your mouse less. Hit less keys. Stay in the flow. Let the keys do the work for you. And end the hassle and frustration of hotkeys and short-cuts.

Our Guarantee

Purchase today 100% risk-free because all LegalBoards come with a full 30 day 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your keyboard, simply mail it back to us and you will promptly be given a full refund...
No questions asked!

LegalBoard $75


don't take our word for it...

LegalBoard is a full-featured keyboard with number pad. The fit and finish of the keyboard is excellent. The keystrokes are not stiff, and the keyboard has a nice tactile feel. The extras, however, set it apart from the competition. 

Ronald Chichester, Council Member of the Computer & Technology Section of the Texas Bar

How is it that nobody thought of this before? It just makes it much easier to do keystrokes that lawyers have to do on a regular basis.

Robert Ambrogi, Above The Law

"But I have hotkeys for that..."

As seen in

Also from the inventor of the LegalBoard.

Check it out!

Brendan Kenney, The Lawyerist

"Using the LegalBoard won’t stop lawyers from using two spaces after a period, writing in Times New Roman, or including unnecessary string citations. But it will make legal writing easier for lawyers, at a modest cost. And that’s a good thing."

LegalBoard $75



~ Tired of the elaborate work-around it takes to find and insert a single symbol? 

~ Frustrated that once again, your hotkeys have disappeared with IT’s latest revamp?

~ Over keeping track of the endless post-it notes, with complicated processes and hotkey notes…?

~ Not to mention having to type the same words over and over again...

We get it. You’re not alone. We’re here to help.

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Many law firms and government agencies have purchased our products in bulk. Get special pricing for bulk orders of ten or more.

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Select your LegalBoard

New Legal Wireless no more loose wires! The low profile, soft touch Legal Wireless is PC compatible.

Legal Keyboard the original LegalBoard and favorite for thousands of legal professionals around the country.

LegalPad for legal professionals on the move, the compact LegalPad is both Mac and PC compatible.

Plug into your computer

Move faster through documents with keys that let you jump in and out of text. Insert common terms like “plaintiff” and “court,” turn track changes on and off, and more - all with the stroke of a key.

Get more done, with less hassle

With over 35 legal functions at your fingertips, LegalBoard lets you navigate and create faster and easier. Take back your time, with the LegalBoard to help you power through your workflow.

Do Lawyers Really Need Their Own Specialized Keyboard?

Yes! The LegalBoard lets you power through your workflow faster, but more importantly - with less hassle.

LegalBoard $75


Still not convinced?

We get it.

We like to have a healthy dose of skepticism at Pro-Boards too.

So we ran a test, (check out the video at 1 minute in)...


A few words from our friends on twitter

It's cool if you don't own a LegalBoard, but it'd be a lot cooler if you did...
Did you know you could save 2 hours or more by switching to a Legal Keyboard?
What it feels like writing briefs while using LegalBoard...


Bob Ambrogi of unboxes the LegalBoard and demonstrates its functions.

An unboxing and test-drive video for the LegalBoard, by jenkinslaw.

Frequently asked questions

How is the LegalBoard different than a normal keyboard?

The LegalBoard is a keyboard designed for lawyers and legal professionals. With the press of a single key, you can instantly switch into legal mode, with keys that allow you to:

--Add a §, ¶, and other symbols

--Turn track changes on and off

--Start a bullet list

--Add an em dash or en dash (Wireless & LegalPad only)

--Add a footnote or comment, then jump back to your place in the main text

--Find a term in your document, then toggle back to the main text

--Change line spacing

--Turn underline, italics, or bold functions on and off

--Insert common citations and legal words like “court”, “plaintiff”, and “id.”

--And much more!

What is the LegalPad and how is it different than the LegalBoard and the LegalBoard Wireless?

The LegalPad™ is our mobile version of the LegalBoard™.  It has many of the same features as the LegalBoard™, but is both Mac and PC compatible. Just plug into your laptop, and you're ready to go!

The LegalPad™ is great for law students that don’t have a desktop keyboard and legal professionals on the move. It also makes the perfect gift. You can learn more about the LegalPad™ by clicking here.

I have hotkeys already set up. Do I really need a LegalBoard?

Yes, for many reasons.

First, hotkeys are a poor substitute to having a designated key on your keyboard. Hitting two or three keys is always going to be slower and more distracting than hitting one key.

Second, even if you have hotkeys set-up for some functions like the section and paragraph symbols, the LegalBoard™, LegalBoard Wireless™ and LegalPad™ all have over thirty lawyer-specific keys.

In addition, unlike preset Microsoft Word hotkeys, most of your LegalBoard™, LegalBoard Wireless™ and LegalPad™ keys (including the section symbol) will work in both email as well as Microsoft Word.

What do I need in order to use the LegalBoard?

All of our products are ready to go with a USB plug and play out of the box. No software or drivers needed. 

Is this a mechanical keyboard?

No, the LegalBoard™ is a membrane keyboard, but our users report it has a good weight and feel to it.

What applications does LegalBoard work with?

The original LegalBoard™ and LegalBoard Wireless™ are both designed for Microsoft Windows XP/7/8/10; but many functions also work in Microsoft Outlook. They are not compatible with OSX.

Does the LegalBoard work with Apple computers?

Our mobile version, the LegalPad™, is both Mac and PC compatible. Visit the LegalPad by clicking here. The original LegalBoard™ and the LegalBoard Wireless™ are designed to work with Windows-compatible computers.

Does the LegalBoard work with other applications?

LegalBoard™ is designed to work with standard Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office.  Many of the keys also work in non-Microsoft applications, so they may work on a limited basis. 

I'm in Legal Mode and the function keys (F1-F12) and italics/underline/bold work OK, but the §, ¶ and © keys aren't working. What's going on?

Make sure to verify that the NumPadLED is lit. It is a box on the left side of the LED panel. If it is not lit, hold down SHIFT and press the NumLock/LegalBoard key and that should resolve the problem. Some computers automatically default to having a new keyboard not have the NumPad engaged.

How long will it take to get my LegalBoard?

Regular orders ship within 1-2 business days. 

What if I am unhappy with my keyboard?

All LegalBoard products come with a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your keyboard, simply mail it back to us and you will promptly be given a full refund...
No questions asked!

OK got it! Where do I sign up?

That would be right here on this page :-)


Brian Potts