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LegalPad - Pro-Boards, LLC
LegalPad - Pro-Boards, LLC
LegalPad - Pro-Boards, LLC
LegalPad - Pro-Boards, LLC
LegalPad - Pro-Boards, LLC


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Meet LegalPad, the traveling lawyer’s best friend. The legal pad is a legal keypad for lawyers and law students on the move. It also works with your existing keyboard at work! Both Mac and PC-compatible.

With the press of a single key, you can switch into legal mode to access over 35 functions that legal professionals use every day.

  • Add a §, ¶ or © symbol;
  • Turn track changes on and off;
  • Add an em dash or an en dash;
  • Open and close the comment window;
  • Add a footnote and then toggle back to the text;
  • Open and close the find window;
  • Add a bullet;
  • Turn on and off italics, underline and bold;
  • Insert common legal terms and citations like “court,” “id.” and “F.2d”;
  • And much more.

The LegalPad is compatible with both Mac and PCs. Just plug it into your laptop USB, and get back to work.

Ships in 1-2 business days.



"Never in my 14 years of blogging and more than two decades of covering legal technology have I seen the legal world react to a new product as it did this week to the LegalBoard, a keyboard designed for lawyers."
Robert Ambrogi, Above The Law

"Using the LegalBoard won’t stop lawyers from using two spaces after a period, writing in Times New Roman, or including unnecessary string citations. But it will make legal writing easier for lawyers, at a modest cost. And that’s a good thing."
Brendan Kenney, The Lawyerist

"An easy 'A–.' If only all my briefs were that good!"
Edward J. Zohn, TechnoLawyer

“We’ve all created shortcut keys for these symbols in the past, but they don’t always work in email and they often get stripped every time IT upgrades software or changes my settings.
I’ve always thought that there must be an easier way, and now someone has finally come up with one: the LegalBoard.”
Jack Williams, Law Technology Today


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Amanda W.
United States United States
Law student loves it!

My spouse is at the end of her 2 year of law school and I got this for her as a gift! I think the best thing on this keypad is the footnote option! She raves about it! Easy to use and set up!

Hillary M.
United States United States
Where has this been all my life?

I wish the full keyboard worked with Mac, because I just plain like it as a keyboard. The keys are made so that crumbs and dust won't get under them. Some of the features are straight-up godsends. My favorite is creating a new footnote and then jumping back into the text. Some other features don't work super well on Mac. For some reason, the comment button just makes a line break instead. En-dashes and em-dashes took a little programming in Word, but once they worked, they worked. My main actual complaint is that I wish there were some way to change the function of a key that I don't need. The copyright symbol doesn't really come up much in my future practice area or any of the classes I'm taking, for example. So it would be cool to be able to replace it with a character or a phrase that does. That said, I'm still psyched. It trimmed my cite check time down, and it's quite useful for writing for class. If I'm on PC when I start at a firm, I'll get the full keyboard, too.

Robert S.
United States United States
Excellent so far!

I've only recently received the Legal Pad, but it is great so far. It feels well made and works flawlessly. I only have two very minor gripes: the first is that, if using in num pad mode, the numbers are rather small--however, I've been using it with a keyboard that has an included num pad so that hasn't been a major problem. The second small issue is that a few of the features (such as add footnote) don't work in Word Perfect. This is not Legalboard's fault, it's my firm's for refusing to move on to Microsoft Word, but should be considered by any others who also are stuck in 1990.

Amy L.
United States United States

I got this for my daughter for Christmas but I decided to go ahead and give it to her before finals in Law School. Her words were this is going to help a lot and I wish I had and it sooner. We are now in our last year of Law school! Thanks

Daniel N.
United States United States
Where Have You Been All of My Life?!

This keyboard is AMAZING! I am writing my dissertation for my J.S.D. and this is going to be a real gamechanger. My productivity has already increased and I have only used it for a few days. Installation could not have been any more simple - just plug it into a USB port and you are good to go. There are no software or drivers to download, it just works. The LegalBoard is worth at least ten times the price! BUY IT!

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